More than 4,0 million gene products from more than 150000 different species have been described specifying their function, the processes they are involved in and their cellular localization using a very well defined and structured vocabulary, the Gene Ontology (GO, ).

Finding gene products which have a similar function or are involved in similar biological processes, without relying on the conventional sequence similarity approach is a new approach to compare gene products, however is a very computing intensive.
For this reason we have developed a tool GENe AnaloGue FINdEr (ENGINE) that parallelizes the search process and distributes the calculation and data over the computational GRID, splitting the process into many sub-processes.

ENGINE has produced a list of potential functionally analogous relations between gene products within and between species using, in place of the sequence, the gene description of the GO, which are publicly available through engineDB.

- Angelica Tulipano, ITB Bari, CNR
- Guido Cuscela, INFN Bari
- Giacinto Donvito, INFN, Bari

For more information contact Andreas Gisel or see the corresponding publication (PDF available).